Next 2012: Justice For All!
13th year of advanced music festival

Since 2000, NEXT is the annual international festival of new and experimental contemporary music, usually happening during the first December weekend in Bratislava, Slovakia. Its role is twofold: to present the outstanding personalities of the scenes of ‘advanced’ music as well as to give a chance to perform a upcoming artists from Slovakia and neighbouring countries. NEXT festival is focusing predominantly on innovative musicians who are both composers and performers of their music. In many cases they are maverick virtuosos that gave up the ordinary playing techniques or try to avoid sterotypes of common musical genres in order to find their own unique language. NEXT is presenting and supporting cutting-edge and adventurous approaches in music of our time, whether it is improvised or classical music, avantgarde jazz, noise, ambient, experimental electronica, audio-visual performances or conceptual projects.

Ticket reservations: info [at] a4.sk.

Venue: www.a4.sk

Organizer and coorganizer:


Venue / miesto

Karpatská 2, (YMCA), Bratislava, Slovak republic


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