Thymolphthalein (AUS, INT)

Anthony Pateras – prepared piano, analogue synthesizer
Natasha Anderson – contrabass recorder, electronics
Will Guthrie – percussion, electronics
Jérôme Noetinger – tape machines, electronics
Clayton Thomas – double bass, preparations

Since 2009, Thymolphthalein has explored the grass between the cracks –
the fertile wasteland between structure and freedom. Taking their name from a key ingredient in disappearing ink, game plans are established and destroyed, paths cleared then obscured, musical links cemented and
ruptured. Electronic and acoustic personas rub together to produce a special kind of tension between utopian pasts and and broken futures.

Anthony Pateras (piano and syntheszier) is a prolific, multi-facted composer with an interest in analogue modular systems and extended piano. Jérôme Noetinger (tape machines and electronics) is the originator of live Revox techniques in an improvised context, developed over two decades with his seminal audio-visual group Metamkine. Natasha Anderson (recorders, sensors and computer) splices a performance history in Baroque music with digital signal processing and a unique compositional focus on the uncanny. Clayton Thomas (double bass) infuses his virtuosic bass technique and tone with obsessions running though hip-hop, R&B and jazz, combined with a dedication to playing any musician who seeks to challenge. Will Guthrie (drums) is one of the few drummers who can boast a history in jazz, flamenco, hip-hop and noise, widely regarded as one of the driving forces of Australian free music.


Venue / miesto

Karpatská 2, (YMCA), Bratislava, Slovak republic


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