6pm >>> FUGA Club: George Cremaschi conducts the NEXT Ensemble

Concert of collective improvisation ensemble led by George Cremaschi. Free entry. Venue: FUGA Club, Továrenská 14, Bratislava, http://www.fuga.forumabsurdum.sk/ More info: Medzinárodný workshop improvizovanej hudby

from 8 pm >>> A4, Karpatská 2, YMCA

Concerts will take place from 8pm at A4 – Karpatská 2, YMCA – www.a4.sk map

Gábor Lázár (HU)

Gábor plays algorithms, giving a voice to the screeching melodies of the CPU’s tortured soul. This is computer music at its purest, with an obvious devotion to the unique aesthetics of cold logic as musical instrument. Now that laptops have became commonplace onstage, it’s easy to undervalue a performance which is based solely on software […]

12z (HU)

Improvised and experimental yet theme based jamming trio with psychedelia flavoured mondo-gothic hauntology: 12z is pulsating and corporal, yet disintegrated in shattered melodies and cinematic drones from the golden era of euro exploitation. 12z is never nostalgic though – operates with guitar, drums and electronica with additional shades of kalimba, viola and non-identifiable objects: seemingly […]

Ship Arriving Too Late To Save a Drowning Bitch (HU)

Hailing from South Hungary’s music capital, Pécs, The Drowning Bitch – as the band is known in short form – represent its young and daring new generation of experimental musicians that look ahead, never behind. The band provide an opposite perspective from compatriots 12z, also performing this evening; this improv trio manipulates its own hypnotic […]

Isabelle Duthoit (FR) + Franz Hautzinger (AT) + Luc Ex (NL) + Johannes Bauer (D)

Isabelle Duthoit – voice/clarinet Johannes Bauer – trombone Luc Ex – ac.bassguitar Franz Hautzinger – trumpet

Venue / miesto

Karpatská 2, (YMCA), Bratislava, Slovak republic


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